Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is is an anime series based on Nintendo's Kirby franchise. The series was produced by Warpstar Inc., a company formed between a joint investment between Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, Inc.

The series, which takes place on the planet Pop Star, focuses on the adventures of the title character Kirby, who fights off monsters to the village's well-being.


Thousands of years ago, a being known as Nightmare appeared and created a company called Holy Nightmare/NightMare Enterprises, otherwise known as N.M.E. It was in truth a front for his great armies of monsters, which he used to take over much of the universe. They devastated countless planets. But there were those who stood to combat his evil, in the form of the Star Warriors and the Galaxy Soldier Army. They fought for many thousands of years, but Nightmare's demon beasts outnumbered them, and killed most. However, everyone is quite surprised when Kirby's ship crashes close to Cappy Town (Pupupu Village in the Japanese dub). They find he's tiny, round, pink, and a child, unlike Tiff's desire of a strong knight. Despite his hardly warrior-like characteristics, he is quick to save anyone who is in danger. He is soon befriended by the siblings Tiff (Cream) and Tuff (Tails), along with their servants Fololo and Falala.

The ruler of Dream Land, King Dedede, is jealous and suspicious of Kirby from the start. He and his sidekick Escargoon constantly try to get rid of Kirby with demon beasts provided by the company for a high fee, though Escargoon shows a great deal more reservation and morals. However, these attempts usually fail because of Kirby's natural abilities. Just as in the games, Kirby can inhale enemies and gain their powers, transforming into forms such as Fire Kirby with the ability to spit flames, or Sword Kirby to literally slice foes into pieces.

Kirby grows and becomes stronger before his final battle with Nightmare. In the end when Kirby and Tiff face Nightmare which is in a dream Tiff throws the Warp Star at Kirby, who swallows it and becomes Star Kirby. Star Kirby has the Star Rod which is Nightmare's sole weakness, allowing Kirby to defeat him.

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